Submit an innovation internship

Submitting an innovation internship

You can use this form to submit an innovation project. If you do not have a specific project in mind yet but do see opportunities, you can also enter your company details so that approved candidates can contact you.

After you've submitted your proposal, our interuniversity education committee will evaluate the proposal and will send you their approval/disapproval as soon as possible. If the project is approved, it will be made available in the internship database (only accessible for students whose application has been approved). Students who are interested in your project can then contact you.

Attention! You can only submit one project per form. So if you have multiple projects, you should fill in the form multiple times.  

Submission, content and confidentiality

Innovation internships can be submitted at any time. Kindly consider that most students search for an internship in the periods of June-August (projects starting in September) and December-January (projects starting in February).

We cannot guarantee that students will be interested in every project that is submitted. Please bear this in mind when submitting projects that are on a critical timeline.

The content of the innovation internships is always confidential. Only students and coaches in the postgraduate programme can review the content.