Innovation internships
for engineers

Is your business teeming with innovative ideas, but lacking the time to develop them? Is innovation engrained in your company’s DNA but could you use more manpower? Then why not get projects out of the pipeline by turning them into innovation internships for engineers instead?

By working with young, passionate engineers on innovative projects you can achieve innovation with limited resources. What’s more, your company can rely on new knowledge and insights and will be in pole position for spotting and recruiting talent. Engineering students, meanwhile, have a unique opportunity to get their first taste of innovation in a business setting.

Interuniversity programme

The innovation internships are part of the postgraduate Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Engineering. This joint initiative of KU Leuven, UGent and UHasselt stresses the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship and its implementation in an entrepreneurial manner. The postgraduate programme comprises an innovation project and additional programme components, in combination with the internship.
We integrate the concept of workplace learning in our engineering programmes with this interuniversity postgraduate programme.