Submitting an innovation internship

Submitting an innovation internship

We work with an online internship system. You can use this system at any time for the following:

  • submission of an innovation internship (for approval)
  • amendment or deletion of your (approved) innovation internships
  • viewing details about the student(s) who will work on your innovation internship

Tip: we understand that projects often change and that you do not have the time to submit or amend projects. You can also always submit a project with information about your business activities and examples of projects. Our students will contact you if they are interested in implementing an innovation project in your company.

Submission, content and confidentiality

Innovation internships can be submitted at any time. Kindly consider that most students search for an internship in the periods of June-August (projects starting in September) and December-January (projects starting in February).

We cannot guarantee that students will be interested in every project that is submitted. Please bear this in mind when submitting projects that are on a critical timeline.

The content of the innovation internships is always confidential. Only students and coaches in the postgraduate programme can review the content.

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