Internship documents

Internship documents


Internship agreement and insurance

Once the organisation, the student and the coach have reached an agreement, the internship will officially come into force with an internship agreement. In principle all internships are unpaid; however, you are free to remunerate your intern for expenses and transportation. During the postgraduate programme, students always retain their student status.

All parties involved must have received an original contract, signed by all the parties, no later than one week before the internship commences. Under no circumstances may the internship commence before the document has been signed by all parties involved.

Internship agreement and insurance

  • KU Leuven
  • Internship agreements for other universities will follow shortly

Amendment form internship

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The student must ensure that the internship agreement is drawn up in three originals. The student, the mentor (who represents the organisation that organises the internship) and the coach, who represents the university, shall all sign the original documents. Each of the three parties will receive a signed and original internship agreement.

The students are insured through the university. Several additional documents will have to be signed for this (e.g., an HSE file and a workstation sheet).


The student shall immediately inform his or her mentor and coach in case of illness or an occupational accident. The student shall provide the official medical certificate to his or her coach on time. In principle, sick days must be made up.

Please note: if a student must make up a few internship days after having been ill and these days do not fall under the duration/scope of the internship agreement, then the duration of this internship agreement must be amended. Otherwise the student is not insured. Use the amendment form to amend the duration of the internship.