Innovation internship

The innovation internship

In-company innovation projects:

  • start each academic year in September or February
  • run for a term of one semester (12 weeks) or a full

academic year (24 weeks), with students working on the innovation project

  • three days a week on average
  • involve one or two students
  • are unpaid

Further information about the conditions for participation and the internship documents.


The project is evaluated based on the following criteria:

New for the organisation

  • The innovation goal is clear, to the point and verifiable. The project clearly aims to develop a new or upgraded company product, process, service or concept.
  • The projects generate relevant added value in terms of knowledge for the company: the aim is to arrive at original and new knowledge and insights, that are relevant for the company and the innovation goal.
  • The proposed approach is clear and in line with the innovation goal.

Corresponds with the project’s learning objectives

  • The project comprises clear development and implementation aspects. Typical activities that might be part of an innovation project can be found here.
  • The innovation internship allows students to develop various entrepreneurial and communication skills.
  • Innovation projects allow students to work on the compulsory learning outcomes.

Feasibility within the proposed time frame and with the number of students available

  • The work programme is realistic, logically designed has feasible deadlines..